South Africa

#FeesMustFall : Revival of South African Student Movement

13 juin 2016 | The demonstrations that have shaken various South African universities have taken the African National Congress (ANC) by surprise. For the first time, the ANC saw itself obliged to desist, but (...)

New and Exciting Challenges Await Us

Révolution Permanente Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

11 juin 2016 | Inspired by similar experiences in other Spanish-speaking countries led by La Izquierda Diario, an international digital network of socialist news and politics, we launched Révolution Permanente (...)

Trotskyist Fraction-Fourth International in Europe

A European Conference and an Internationalist Evening Against War and the State of Emergency in Paris

7 décembre 2015 | This past weekend the Trotskyist Fraction – Fourth International (FT-QI) held its second European conference with the members of the Revolutionary Communist Current (CCR) of the New Anticapitalist (...)

Plan I, “I” for “Internationalist”

Paris. An Internationalist Evening Against War, Racism, and the State of Emergency

27 novembre 2015 | It is at Mains d'oeuvres, a stone's throw away from the Saint-Ouen flea marcket, that the evening will take place. Taking advantage of the presence of revolutionaries from several European (...)

The Paris Attacks and a Possible Anti-War Movement

23 novembre 2015 | On top of the fear and emotion produced by the brutal attacks in Paris and near the Stadium of France on November 13, we are seeing a rollout of anti-terrorist operations in Saint-Denis and (...)

We firmly condemn these vile attacks and we declare our solidarity with the victims

Carnage in Paris : Hollande declares a state of emergency

14 novembre 2015 | A hundred people killed at the Bataclan concert hall in Paris, France : a real carnage. On Friday, November 14th, several attacks were carried out almost simultaneously in the streets of five (...)

A turning point in French politics concerning Daesh and Bachar Al Assad

And now, we’re going to bomb Syria to solve the “migrant problem” ?

8 septembre 2015 | During his sixth press conference at the Elysee, Francois Hollande has just formalized what was being said in ministerial corridors for several days. Starting today, French reconnaissance (...)

Only the workers can unify the peoples of Europe on a progressive basis

The neocolonialist agreement on Greece reveals the real face of capitalist Europe

19 juillet 2015 | The agreement imposed upon Greece by European leaders, after an intense campaign of economic terrorism orchestrated by the European Central Bank and the threat of the country's possible exit from (...)

“Greece is a thriller, but China is a horror show”

9 juillet 2015 | It is possible that, seeking to draw attention on what was happening in the heart of the Asian giant, at a moment when the comings and goings of the Greek debt crisis monopolize the headlines of (...)

Opinion – Democratic Primaries 2016

Sanders. A Red in the White House ?

9 juillet 2015 | “This campaign is going to send a message to the billionaire class. And that is : you can't have it all.” Bernie Sanders decided to launch his campaign for the Democratic nomination in a certainly (...)


In solidarity with the Greek workers and people, against the imperialist blackmail

9 juillet 2015 | The troika under the instruction of the German government and the imperialist banks have put Greece between a rock and a hard place. In spite of all the concessions made by the Syriza-led (...)

“Little Miseries” in Big Retail

A Day in the Life of a Cashier

22 juin 2015 | 18,000 views and hundreds of comments, likes and shares. That is the reaction this article, written by a cashier herself, received when it was first published in French a little over a week ago. (...)

War on Undocumented Workers in the Capital

The Socialists’ Hunt Down of Refugees Continues

16 juin 2015 | On Tuesday, June 9th, the « immigrants of La Chapelle » began their day after having slept once again in the streets in extremely insecure conditions, sharing the few mattresses and blankets that (...)

Expulsions of Undocumented Workers at La Chappelle, Saint-Bernard and Pajol Hall

The Government’s War on Immigrants in the streets of Paris

10 juin 2015 | On Monday, June 8th in the afternoon, the State Security Police Force (CRS) violently threw out a hundred immigrants who were assembled in a public park near Pajol Road, in the 18th (...)