#FeesMustFall : Revival of South African Student Movement

South Africa

#FeesMustFall : Revival of South African Student Movement

The demonstrations that have shaken various South African universities have taken the African National Congress (ANC) by surprise. For the first time, the ANC saw itself obliged to desist, but without succeeding to pacify the rebellion. The students have revealed the fictive nature of the transformation of the regime and of South African capitalism after the end of apartheid.

Révolution Permanente Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

New and Exciting Challenges Await Us

Révolution Permanente Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

Inspired by similar experiences in other Spanish-speaking countries led by La Izquierda Diario, an international digital network of socialist news and politics, we launched Révolution Permanente in French on June 9, 2015. A year later, our bet has been won and new horizons await us.

A European Conference and an Internationalist Evening Against War and the State of Emergency in Paris

Trotskyist Fraction-Fourth International in Europe

A European Conference and an Internationalist Evening Against War and the State of Emergency in Paris

This past weekend the Trotskyist Fraction – Fourth International (FT-QI) held its second European conference with the members of the Revolutionary Communist Current (CCR) of the New Anticapitalist Party (NPA) from France, Class Against Class from the Spanish State, and the Revolutionary Internationalist Organization (RIO) from Germany. Saturday evening, more than 350 people attended the internationalist evening organized by the left-wing daily news site, Révolution Permanente, and the CCR.

Paris. An Internationalist Evening Against War, Racism, and the State of Emergency

Plan I, “I” for “Internationalist”

Paris. An Internationalist Evening Against War, Racism, and the State of Emergency

It is at Mains d’oeuvres, a stone’s throw away from the Saint-Ouen flea marcket, that the evening will take place. Taking advantage of the presence of revolutionaries from several European countries in Paris on December 5th for the occasion, Revolution Permanente cordially invites you to an internationalist evening against war, racism, and the state of emergency.

The Paris Attacks and a Possible Anti-War Movement

The Paris Attacks and a Possible Anti-War Movement

On top of the fear and emotion produced by the brutal attacks in Paris and near the Stadium of France on November 13, we are seeing a rollout of anti-terrorist operations in Saint-Denis and Hollande’s “law and order” clampdown – taking domestic measures and Bush-style military actions abroad. It is hard to see anything but doom and gloom. But if we analyze the situation more deeply, the possibility of an emergent movement for democratic liberties that fights against imperialist wars lies in the DNA of a newly-opened political period.

Carnage in Paris : Hollande declares a state of emergency

We firmly condemn these vile attacks and we declare our solidarity with the victims

Carnage in Paris : Hollande declares a state of emergency

A hundred people killed at the Bataclan concert hall in Paris, France : a real carnage. On Friday, November 14th, several attacks were carried out almost simultaneously in the streets of five Parisian neighborhoods and near the Stade de France, in Saint Denis. The provisional death toll is high : at least 118 people were randomly killed while dozens of others have been critically wounded. Ten months after the attacks against Charlie Hebdo and the kosher supermarket in Vincennes, terrorists – Islamists, according to the press – chose to replicate, barbarously and asymmetrically, the imperialist barbarism that has descended upon Syria and Iraq for over a year and a half, in the name of liberty and human rights in the struggle against Daesh (ISIS). Last night, France found out what Beirut went through on November 12th and what the populations of war-torn Syria, Iraq, and Yemen live everyday.{}

And now, we're going to bomb Syria to solve the “migrant problem” ?

A turning point in French politics concerning Daesh and Bachar Al Assad

And now, we’re going to bomb Syria to solve the “migrant problem” ?

During his sixth press conference at the Elysee, Francois Hollande has just formalized what was being said in ministerial corridors for several days. Starting today, French reconnaissance aircrafts will fly over the Syrian territory and raids could begin as soon as possible. France will for the time being coordinate "its efforts” with the anti-Daech international coalition – to bomb not only the positions of the Islamic State in Iraq, but also, from now on, Syria. A response to the flow of refugees by tackling the “root causes”, or the officialization of a new imperialist disaster already announced ?

The neocolonialist agreement on Greece reveals the real face of capitalist Europe

Only the workers can unify the peoples of Europe on a progressive basis

The neocolonialist agreement on Greece reveals the real face of capitalist Europe

The agreement imposed upon Greece by European leaders, after an intense campaign of economic terrorism orchestrated by the European Central Bank and the threat of the country’s possible exit from the eurozone, highlights as never before the most monstrous face of capitalist Europe. The merciless attitude adopted by the negociators representing the continent’s main imperialist powers and their allies has smashed the myth of a unified and pacified Europe, of a Europe of compromise and solidarity.

“Greece is a thriller, but China is a horror show”

“Greece is a thriller, but China is a horror show”

It is possible that, seeking to draw attention on what was happening in the heart of the Asian giant, at a moment when the comings and goings of the Greek debt crisis monopolize the headlines of the international press, an Australian journalist chose this striking headline for his article on the serious losses on the Shangai and Shenzhen stock exchanges. Despite the more and more desperate efforts made by Chinese authorities to bring the movement to a halt, the dynamic is continuing and could very well affect other Asian stock exchanges.

Sanders. A Red in the White House ?

Opinion – Democratic Primaries 2016

Sanders. A Red in the White House ?

“This campaign is going to send a message to the billionaire class. And that is : you can’t have it all.” Bernie Sanders decided to launch his campaign for the Democratic nomination in a certainly unusual way. Currently, former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton is by far the leading candidate in the race that will officially begin in February 2016. The US Senator, a liberal who likes to define himself as a “socialist”, will participate in the primaries as an independent, bringing to the table the openly left-wing contents of the electoral program he announced to voters in Burlington on May 26. On that very day, on the banks of Lake Champlain in Burlington, the most important city of “his” Vermont, Sanders talked about the fight against growing inequalities that afflict the country, the redistribution of wealth and more progressive taxation, increasing the minimum wage and putting an end to the wage gap between men and women, free healthcare and education, reforming Wall Street in order to limit the financial sharks’ power, the public financing of political parties, clean energy and the fight against climate change.

In solidarity with the Greek workers and people, against the imperialist blackmail


In solidarity with the Greek workers and people, against the imperialist blackmail

The troika under the instruction of the German government and the imperialist banks have put Greece between a rock and a hard place. In spite of all the concessions made by the Syriza-led government, which had presented a plan accepting 90% of the austerity measures demanded by the creditors, European capital and the IMF are not satisfied and want further cuts. The European institutions want a total surrender by the Greek people. They want the Greek people to accept the payment of the debt and the EU austerity measures that have plunged the country into unprecedented misery. This has been accomplished with the complicity of the Greek capitalist class and its parties. Drop Greece’s debt ! No to austerity ! We are publishing here a statement by the Trotskyist Fraction - Fourth International.

A Day in the Life of a Cashier

“Little Miseries” in Big Retail

A Day in the Life of a Cashier

18,000 views and hundreds of comments, likes and shares. That is the reaction this article, written by a cashier herself, received when it was first published in French a little over a week ago. And it is a reaction that comforts us in our project to create a platform for those whose voice never makes it into the news stories of traditional media outlets. A platform that not only talks about labor struggles, but also everyday life, the suffering and the exploitation to which millions of people are subjected daily, most of the time in silence, by contemporary society.

The Socialists' Hunt Down of Refugees Continues

War on Undocumented Workers in the Capital

The Socialists’ Hunt Down of Refugees Continues

On Tuesday, June 9th, the « immigrants of La Chapelle » began their day after having slept once again in the streets in extremely insecure conditions, sharing the few mattresses and blankets that were left. Another night in the one night too much ! This is what more than 600 people came to say last night at the rally of solidarity that was held at six o’clock in the evening in front of the Pajol Hall in the 18tharrondissement of the French capital. The demonstrators expressed their outrage before the manner in which the immigrants, evacuated by the State Security Police Force (CRS) from their shanty at La Chapelle, then from the Saint-Bernard Church, and once again yesterday from in front of Pajol Hall, have been treated. The strengthening solidarity with the immigrants is a real problem for the government that sees no other solution than to intimidate and to repress the growing movement in order to avoid “a new Saint-Bernard”, the name of a police operation aimed at forcefully removing hundreds of undocumented workers from this place of worship in 1996 under the right-wing government. Faced with the persistence of Prime Minister Manuel Valls and his cops, who are no better than those of Jean-Louis Debré, the mobilization must continue and become even larger in order to obtain a victory : a collective rehousing solution and a residency documents for all !

The Government's War on Immigrants in the streets of Paris

Expulsions of Undocumented Workers at La Chappelle, Saint-Bernard and Pajol Hall

The Government’s War on Immigrants in the streets of Paris

On Monday, June 8th in the afternoon, the State Security Police Force (CRS) violently threw out a hundred immigrants who were assembled in a public park near Pajol Road, in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, since Friday, June 5th. About 50 of them are currently being held in an immigration detention center. A few days before, they had been thrown out of the Saint-Bernard Church, and somewhat earlier, from their improvised shanty under the elevated railroad of the La Chapelle subway station. Behind these expulsions ? Neither Jacques Chirac, nor Charles Pasqua, nor Jean-Louis Debré : but Manuel Valls himself. The new line adopted at the Socialist Party’s (PS) Congress of Poitiers this past weekend is now being enforced with the bludgeon.